crystalErik Brown accidentally got his start making pottery by trying to fulfill the first half of his art requirement for a science related BA at the University of Utah in the spring of 1995. Enjoying the class led to fulfilling the second half of the art requirement by taking the advanced throwing class the following quarter. He thought he would take just one more class for fun the following quarter, and has been at the pottery lab ever since.  He has helped every semester as a volunteer lab assistiant with the wheel thrown, and occasionally the hand built, ceramics classes for non-art majors.

Erik taught the Community Education ceramics classes in the early 2000 at East High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. Erik also served a term as the Secretary for Clay Arts Utah, an educational non-profit organization serving the Utah ceramics community, and has volunteered his artistic talents on several occasions demonstrating and instructing ceramic techniques whenever the occasion presents itself.

Recently, work has neared completion on his own studio at his residence in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake, and Erik is looking forward to many years of ceramic exploration and production.

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